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Real mortgagee sale numbers

Mortgagee property sales are at an all time high, according to new data released today in the Terralink Mortgagee Sales Report.
16-03-2009 more >>

A speedy bond refund process

More than 196,000 bonds to the value of $161 million were refunded by the Department of Building and Housing last year. Getting a bond refund is a simple and speedy process, but irregularities in tenant details can result in frustrating delays.
16-03-2009 more >>

OCR reduced to 3%

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Governor Alan Bollard cut the official cash rate by 50 basis points to a record low 3% as expected, signaling the end to the steep easing cycle as the economy hits the bottom of its recession this year.
12-03-2009 more >>

Real estate market showing positive signs: Survey

Further signs are emerging that the residential property market is starting to pick up and an expected surge in immigration numbers plus a shortage of new construction will push up house prices.
11-03-2009 more >>

Residential highlights - February 2009

An increase in market activity over the past month has seen median house prices pushed higher in most of the main areas throughout the country, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) stats, released today.
11-03-2009 more >>

Home sales, prices revive in February

New Zealand home sales rebounded last month and prices picked up, suggesting cheaper borrowing costs are stoking a revival of interest in the real estate market.
11-03-2009 more >>

Evicted state tenants a concern for landlords

Private landlords are concerned about what happens to anti-social tenants, after Housing New Zealand (HNZ) evicted groups with gang associations last week for breaching their tenancy obligations.
10-03-2009 more >>

House party back on - for lucky few

With an official cash rate expected next week, experienced and less-seasoned property investors are looking at the housing market and seeing more reasons to buy
09-03-2009 more >>

Auckland the most positive big city

There is not a lot of good news in QV's last housing market report, however Auckland appears to be the best of the main urban areas. Find out what's happening in the main areas around the country.
09-03-2009 more >>

Property values fall 8.9%: QV

New Zealand property values dropped 8.9% last month, helping stir a revival in sales as mortgage rates fall.
09-03-2009 more >>

Auckland house prices rise, confidence edges up

Auckland house prices rose last month and the number of property sales increased, suggesting tentative signs that confidence is creeping back into the market, according to Barfoot & Thompson (B&T).
05-03-2009 more >>

Falls and rises in home loan rates

Next week’s official cash rate announcement from the Reserve Bank is expected to bring more good news to borrowers.
04-03-2009 more >>

Construction sector expects to rebound soon

Workers in the $12 billion building and construction sector are facing the toughest times in almost two decades but a rebound is being picked soon
03-03-2009 more >>

Projections out to 2051 for older renters

The Department of Building and Housing has released a Fact Sheet on older renters which shows that as the population ages, the proportion of renting households which are 85+ years will increase from the current 12 percent to 32 percent in 2051
03-03-2009 more >>

March '09 Issue

The property management rule book is getting another rewrite and might very well see game time, as opposed to the warm-up runs seen previously. Investors, tenants, landlords and property managers should all be conditioning themselves for changes on how the game is played.
01-03-2009 more >>


ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Minister Confirms Housing Minister, the Hon Phil Heatley has confirmed that he will attend and give the opening address to the annual property investors’ conference to be held on Saturday, 15 August at Alexandra Park, Auckland.
27-02-2009 more >>

Housing confidence rises as prices slip

New Zealand housing confidence rose in the three months through January as falling house prices and cheaper borrowing costs revived the appeal of property as an investment.
27-02-2009 more >>

NZPIF pleased RTA Bill is to be advanced

This Bill was first introduced in May 2008 and it has been announced that the Minister of Housing will now advance it.
25-02-2009 more >>

MPIA E-Newsletter Feb 09

March meeting details, Martin Hawes in Wanganui, NZPIF conference 2009, Landlord of the Year
25-02-2009 more >>

RTA changes swing favour towards landlords

Tenants’ advocates are worried the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) will swing the law in favour of landlords, if three key provisions go through.
24-02-2009 more >>

Avoid unexpected GST bills on apartment sales

Investors selling apartments need to make sure they’re aware of all the tax involved, to avoid unexpected GST bills.
23-02-2009 more >>

National plans big rental law shake-up

The Government is about to overhaul laws governing the lives of more than a million tenants.
19-02-2009 more >>

RTA review under way by National

National has unexpectedly brought forward the introduction of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).
19-02-2009 more >>

Govt looks at regulating property managers

The government is looking at how property managers operate and whether they should be regulated.
19-02-2009 more >>

English reassures property investors

Property investors who fear the new government may be tempted into raising more tax from them can breathe easy.
18-02-2009 more >>

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