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Warmer, drier, safer rental law kicks in

Tenancy law changes covering smoke alarms, insulation, enforcement of standards and property abandonment come into effect tomorrow, Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith says
30-06-2016 more >>

Big price reductions on heating from Infracomfort

It is worth looking at the heating options offered by Infracomfort. They have reduced pricing and have a new product to offer.
20-06-2016 more >>

Fair Go looks at methamphetamine contamination

Meth contamination and clean up. Difference in potential health risks of residue from meth labs versus residue from smoking P. Are clean up levels set too high? Dr Nick Kim of Massey University's School of Public Health (Wellington) gives his view. See TV OnDemand::
17-06-2016 more >>

New relocation grant available from Monday

Grants of up to $5000 to cover costs involved in moving from Auckland will be available from Monday, 20 June, for eligible people who may want to relocate to other areas of the country but find cost a barrier.
17-06-2016 more >>

Law change proposed to address 'P' house problem

National MP Andrew Bayly is proposing changes in the law to address the problem with methamphetamine-contaminated houses.
15-06-2016 more >>

Are there really too many property investors?

A recent CoreLogic report has claimed that 46% of property sales in Auckland over the last month were to investors. This figure was obtained by counting the number of properties bought by people who have an existing home. Apart from investing, there are many other situations where this may occur.
13-06-2016 more >>

Dr Nick Kim on methamphetamine contamination - National Radio 10 June 2016

Dr Nick Kim was invited to comment on methamphetamine levels in homes.
11-06-2016 more >>

Reducing risk as a landlord

The NZPIF insurance providers - Initio and First Lane Insurance - have provided these eight tips for reducing risk as a landlord
10-06-2016 more >>

We don't need more regulation

Last month I wrote about house prices rising and the calls for more regulation. Unfortunately the calls for more regulation have been heard and the Reserve Bank is looking to introduce loan-to-income restrictions for mortgages.
07-06-2016 more >>

New policy proposed for urban development

The Government’s proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity will require councils to ensure land supply for housing and business keeps pace with growth, Environment, Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith says.
02-06-2016 more >>

Fiona Camberun- the Property warrior princess and Trump university student

Fiona Camberun has been called by a top USA Trader - the “Property Warrior Princess”! Thanks to Trump University, top Property Trader and Coach Tim Mai, and her Property Mentor, Aucklander Malcolm Hesseltine, she is delighted to have faced her fears, learned a new skill-set, and gained a rewarding mid-life career as an independent property trader. Property has given Fiona a new education and a new life and its one she is passionate about sharing with others. She has featured in a book, NZ Property Investor Magazine, and on TV.
01-06-2016 more >>

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