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ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Minister Confirms Housing Minister, the Hon Phil Heatley has confirmed that he will attend and give the opening address to the annual property investors’ conference to be held on Saturday, 15 August at Alexandra Park, Auckland.
27-02-2009 more >>

Housing confidence rises as prices slip

New Zealand housing confidence rose in the three months through January as falling house prices and cheaper borrowing costs revived the appeal of property as an investment.
27-02-2009 more >>

NZPIF pleased RTA Bill is to be advanced

This Bill was first introduced in May 2008 and it has been announced that the Minister of Housing will now advance it.
25-02-2009 more >>

MPIA E-Newsletter Feb 09

March meeting details, Martin Hawes in Wanganui, NZPIF conference 2009, Landlord of the Year
25-02-2009 more >>

RTA changes swing favour towards landlords

Tenants’ advocates are worried the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) will swing the law in favour of landlords, if three key provisions go through.
24-02-2009 more >>

Avoid unexpected GST bills on apartment sales

Investors selling apartments need to make sure they’re aware of all the tax involved, to avoid unexpected GST bills.
23-02-2009 more >>

National plans big rental law shake-up

The Government is about to overhaul laws governing the lives of more than a million tenants.
19-02-2009 more >>

RTA review under way by National

National has unexpectedly brought forward the introduction of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).
19-02-2009 more >>

Govt looks at regulating property managers

The government is looking at how property managers operate and whether they should be regulated.
19-02-2009 more >>

English reassures property investors

Property investors who fear the new government may be tempted into raising more tax from them can breathe easy.
18-02-2009 more >>

President's February Report

Outlook for 2009. Property investors will find opportunities. Important to consider the hardship of others. Rents likely to rise.
17-02-2009 more >>

Market update - tax and property perspective

Kuldeep Khetarpal senior accountant for Withers Tsang gives a summary of issues affecting property investors
17-02-2009 more >>

2009 in the regions

Presidents of affiliated Property investors' Associations around New Zealand talk about what 2009 may hold for members in their areas.
16-02-2009 more >>

[Book] I Buy Houses: The Property Investor's Handbook

Despite what most people will tell you, there is a right time and a wrong time to buy real estate – and timing could mean the difference between getting a good return and losing your home. Experienced and successful investor Paul Do shares the secrets of his success in a way that will allow all readers to benefit from the upcoming property boom times.
16-02-2009 more >>

Housing NZ ready to go on Govt plan

Housing New Zealand says it expects work to start within the next month on building 69 state houses and renovating 10,000 others.
13-02-2009 more >>

House sales tumbled in January

House sales tumbled in January while properties took longer to sell, suggesting uncertainty about the economic outlook is damping demand even as mortgage rates fall, according to the latest raft of data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ).
13-02-2009 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - January 2009

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) statistics are out now. Use the links in the story below to find out how your region has been faring at the beginning of the new year.
13-02-2009 more >>

Private-sector slow down hits Housing NZ's plans

Some of Housing New Zealand's new housing developments are running into trouble as the economic downturn impacts on its private sector development partners ...
12-02-2009 more >>

Home loan report: Cheap not always the easy option

Home loan rates are falling sharply as lenders follow the lead set by the Reserve Bank’s reductions in the official cash rate. But cheap does not necessarily mean easy.
12-02-2009 more >>

[Toolbox] The Tax Files

Tax is a monster at the best of times. Diana Clement checks out the IRD’s website, and online forms and tools for their usefulness for property investors.
12-02-2009 more >>

House price slump accelerating

House values slumped further in the year to January, says Quotable Value, opening up good buying opportunities in a climate of lower interest rates and keen sellers.
09-02-2009 more >>

Residential highlights - January 2009

The beginning of 2009 has seen house prices drop throughout the country, according to the latest QV Valuation statistics.
09-02-2009 more >>

Call for action over break fees

The government is being called to stop banks double dipping on fixed-rate mortgage break fees, by investors, brokers and the Banking Ombudsman.
09-02-2009 more >>

It's a great time to borrow

It is a great time to be a borrower with plenty of equity stored up in a property. If you timed your last decision about a mortgage right, which means that you will have borrowing due for renewal this year, you can expect to be able to choose from some record low rates.
05-02-2009 more >>

RMA changes help property investors

Property investors adding a deck or some similar renovation to their property should have a much less difficult issue with resource consents.
04-02-2009 more >>

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