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  • NZPIF launches plan to fix rental crisis
    The New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) has researched the reasons for the rental crisis and developed a five-point plan to fix it.
    02-05-2022 more >>
  • Rent controls do not make renting easier
    Associate Minister of Housing, Poto Williams, indicated today that rent controls are being considered due to high rental prices in New Zealand.
    03-02-2022 more >>
  • Not many mega-landlords
    A Sunday Star Times article today claims that New Zealand is owned by a group of mega landlords and not the mum and dad landlords owning one or two rentals.
    28-11-2021 more >>
  • NZPIF welcomes new Privacy Commission Guidelines.
    The NZ Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) welcomes the new guidelines released by the Privacy Commission. These guidelines are governed by the Privacy Act 2020 and must be followed by all private rental property providers, including property managers.
    11-11-2021 more >>
  • Government's rental property interest deductibility details released
    In March this year, the Government brought in radical changes for property investors, treating them differently from any other business by removing the ability to deduct mortgage interest as a legitimate business expense. MBIE, IRD, accountants and tax experts do not support these changes.
    29-09-2021 more >>
  • Controversial tenant shows why 90 day notice needed
    Sharyn Shepherd, also known as Hope Maree Taylor, is a convicted fraudster who has reportedly harassed her neighbours at the Otautahi Community Housing Trust complex so much that they are frightened to go outside.
    26-07-2021 more >>
  • Reserve Bank approved to use debt to income ratios
    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced plans to add debt to income ratios to its tool kit to dampen investor demand for properties.
    17-06-2021 more >>
  • Officials against rental property interest deductibility removal
    Newly released information shows that in addition to Inland Revenue and Treasury, officials from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development were unanimous in advising the Government against removing rental property mortgage interest as a tax deduction. This opposition is also supported by economists, the general public and even tenant groups who are also stating that the policy will lead to rent rises.
    04-05-2021 more >>
  • Filling the information gap
    The recent Government housing policies appear to have been implemented without much information about the likely outcomes. There was also lack of time for impact statements to be produced by Inland Revenue and Treasury.  In order to fill the information gap, the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) conducted a survey to see how these changes will affect the rental property industry.
    07-04-2021 more >>
  • New information changes the perspective
    A survey of mortgage advisors by independent economist Tony Alexander has shown that the Government may have been too quick to disincentivise rental property providers.
    01-04-2021 more >>
  • Unintended consequences of today's housing announcements
    The Government today made announcements which prioritises first home buyers over renters.
    23-03-2021 more >>
  • New Residential Tenancies Act making it harder to house people
    One of the changes to the Residential Tenancies Act has been the removing the 90-day no-cause termination and the inability to give a tenant a trial period to assess their suitability.
    15-03-2021 more >>
  • An early exit from a fixed-term tenancy could be expensive
    Tenants who choose to end fixed-term tenancy agreements are discovering that they are likely to receive large bills.
    06-03-2021 more >>
  • Removal of the no-cause 90-day termination not working
    Within the last few months we have seen and heard of multiple cases, for example in Greymouth, Christchurch and Auckland, where tenants have had anti-social incidents that have resulted in either full-time security guards being placed outside houses or trespass notices being given to tenants to prevent them from disturbing their neighbours in Kainga Ora houses.
    26-02-2021 more >>
  • New loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions
    Today the Reserve bank has released its new lending LVR restrictions in a bid to slow down the bolting housing market.
    09-02-2021 more >>
  • NZPIF response to the Privacy Commissioner
    The NZPIF agrees with the Privacy Commissioner NZPIF response to the Privacy Commissioner that the collection, retention, and disclosure of personal information on tenants must be open and fair.
    04-02-2021 more >>
  • Amalgamation of Property Investors Associations in Wellington announced
    The New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) is delighted to announce the amalgamation of Capital and Wellington Property Investors Associations. The new association will continue under the name of Wellington Property Investors Association.
    04-12-2020 more >>
  • Separate division of the Tenancy Tribunal essential
    The latest figures for the Tenancy Tribunal have been released for November. The statistics show that the majority of applications to the Tribunal are made by landlords and are for rent arrears and bond refunds.
    03-12-2020 more >>
  • An education program for landlords by landlords
    After calls for regulation of the rental property industry earlier this year, the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) has developed an education program designed specifically for self-managing landlords, who make up 60% of all property managers.
    08-10-2020 more >>
  • Relief for tenants
    The NZ Property Investors Federation is extremely pleased that National is looking to provide more homes for tenants, while better protecting all New Zealanders from living next to antisocial tenants.
    06-10-2020 more >>
  • Huge taxpayer cost to achieve the Green Party's housing policy
    The Green Party has announced that, if it forms part of the next Government with Labour, it would build 5,000 new State Houses per year and create a sustainable, non-profit rental sector through Crown financial guarantees for community housing providers.
    14-08-2020 more >>
  • The real reason for changes to the RTA
    Marama Davidson has revealed the real reason for changes to the Residential Tenancies Act. In a speech during the debate on the Bill in Parliament this week, she said the Bill “will incentivise property owners to move out of owning property for rental purposes.
    07-08-2020 more >>
  • NZPIF challenges statements made by the Associate Minister of Housing
    The Associate Minister of Housing Kris Faafoi issued a press release last night regarding the passing of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill.  The President of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation, Andrew King, challenges statements made in this release. 
    06-08-2020 more >>
  • Sad day for tenants and landlords
    Today Parliament has passed under urgency the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill. This bill has some major changes for both tenants and landlords alike, and none of them are good news.
    05-08-2020 more >>
  • Proposed RTA change means tenant anti-social behaviour more likely
    Recent comments by a senior solicitor at Morrison Kent, Evan Whetton, has backed up NZ Property Investors’ Federations concerns over radical changes to the Residential Tenancies Act.
    27-07-2020 more >>

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