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  • Rigorous deadlines and paperwork for HHS
    The Healthy Homes Standards (HHS) were introduced to ensure there would be minimum standards for heating, ventilation, insulation, moisture ingress and drainage, and draft stopping in all rental properties. All private rental houses must comply within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy after 1 July 2021
    22-09-2020 more >>
  • Ready2Rent - an education initiative for tenants
    The Ready2Rent programme was started in the Hawkes Bay in 2016. It is a Hawk’s Bay District Health Board-led initiative to reduce the number of children with rheumatic fever and other breathing issues admitted to Hawkes Bay’s hospitals. The
    01-08-2020 more >>
  • NZPIF Education Program for Self Managing Landlords
    New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) has developed an education program specifically for the self-managing landlord.
    01-07-2020 more >>
  • Initiatives to help landlords and tenants needed
    Like everyone landlords are facing tough times due to the fall out of Covid-19. This includes loss of income, reduced wages and business losses. Here are some Government actions which would assist landlords and consequently their tenants.
    01-06-2020 more >>
  • Surviving the current crisis
    Often when we are confronted by a tenant asking for a discount on their rent or a rental holiday we start to panic. Yes, it’s fine for them to ask but do they understand the financial impact this could have on you?
    18-05-2020 more >>
  • Letter from NZPIF Acting President and NZPIF Executive Officer to members
    The measures that Government are taking to limit the effect of Covid-19 are going to have a variable effect on different business and employees. We must all do our best to support those who are wearing a higher burden in the fight against Covid-19. While residential rental property should not be directly affected as much as other industries, there will be job losses, reduced income from self-isolation and reduced work from decreased business activity.
    24-03-2020 more >>
  • Appointment of a new NZPIF Executive Officer
    It is wonderful news that Sharon Cullwick, our NZPIF President, has been appointed to take over from me as NZPIF Executive Officer. For an industry as large and as important as ours, the Executive Officer role deserved to be more than a part time position and the NZPIF Executive is to be congratulated for making this happen.
    03-03-2020 more >>
  • The story behind the rental price statistics for 2019
    Rental price statistics for 2019 came out recently and were very interesting to go through. The median rent for all areas and all property sizes and types hit an all time high of $468 per week, which is 4% higher than December 2018.
    21-02-2020 more >>
  • Setting and meeting goals
    The Christmas period is a wonderful opportunity to take some time to think about long term goals. Back in December of 2009, I set a 10-year goal of stopping paid work and starting to travel more and take on new experiences. So that goal date was last month and boy has it come around quickly.
    21-01-2020 more >>
  • Many changes in the rental property industry over the last few years
    Many changes have occurred to the rental property industry over the last few years. The NZ Property Investors Federation has been extremely active in providing a voice for rental property providers. It has been hard work; however it is pleasing to start seeing some good results.
    21-12-2019 more >>
  • All New Zealand will be affected by tenancy changes
    Government has announced the changes they intend to make to the Residential Tenancy Act. We managed to get some wins, such as the rules around pets will not change and modifications that tenants can make to the property are minor and still need the landlord’s con
    20-11-2019 more >>
  • Neighbours at risk from uncontrollable tenants
    Government is looking at changes to tenancy law that will make it harder for rental property providers to manage unruly tenants, many of whom make their neighbours' lives hell.
    21-09-2019 more >>
  • 2019 Conference was a positive event
    I have just got home from the NZPIF conference in Rotorua. What a positive event it was, with the mood assisted by a great All Black win on the Saturday night, enjoyed by many of the attendees.
    20-08-2019 more >>
  • RTA amendment Bill finally passes
    It was great news that the RTA Amendment Bill was finally passed and came into law on the 31 of July 2019. The Bill improves the situation for three key issues. Tenants liability for damage, unlawful dwellings and methamphetamine.
    19-08-2019 more >>
  • Ringfencing: Bad law but good for some
    Last month Government passed legislation removing the right to offset rental losses against the tax paid on other income. It comes into effect immediately.
    19-07-2019 more >>
  • Privacy issues
    As many of you will know, The Privacy Commission recently decided to design and publish what landlords could and couldn’t ask prospective tenants when looking to let out a property. Despite being just guidelines, it is likely that the Tenancy Tribunal would give the Commission’s ideas considerable standing.
    19-06-2019 more >>
  • No Capital Gains Tax is welcome news
    The Government’s announcement that they are not going to introduce a Capital Gains Tax (GCT) was very welcome. It is disappointing, however, that they are being attacked for their sensible decision.
    19-05-2019 more >>
  • Tax Working Group report
    The Tax Working Group has released their report and as expected it is a comprehensive (except for the family home) Capital Gains Tax.
    01-04-2019 more >>
  • Tenant advocate news
    Unfortunately I am having to write this just before the Tax Working Group recommendations are released, which is a shame. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) there are many topics affecting our industry which I can write about.
    09-03-2019 more >>
  • Property wellness check
    The start of a new year is a good time to take stock of what is happening with your investments. Think of it like a wellness health check.
    10-02-2019 more >>
  • Ring fencing update
    Last year ended with the disappointing news that ring-fencing of rental property losses would no longer be permitted, despite it being available to all other forms of tax losses. Along with the Bright Line Test, this is another tax change which will only apply to rental property.
    09-01-2019 more >>
  • Two important industry reviews
    The NZPIF has spent a considerable amount of time and effort working on the Residential Tenancies Act Review and the Healthy Homes Standards.
    01-12-2018 more >>
  • NZPIF has always considered needs of tenants but tenant advocates have a different perspective
    From speaking to some tenant advocates it is clear that we come to the discussion from two very different viewpoints. It appears to me that some of the more vocal tenant advocates are extreme and one sided in their thoughts with an unrealistic expectation for the outcomes of their proposals.
    01-11-2018 more >>
  • Two critically important reviews on the rental industry are underway
    Two critically important reviews on the rental industry are underway simultaneously at present. The RTA Review and the review of standards for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill.
    01-10-2018 more >>
  • Capital gains tax may be in doubt
    By the time you read this article, the Tax Working Group should have released its interim report, with a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) expected to be the centre piece.
    01-09-2018 more >>

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