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What would have saved Emma-Lita?

Our members, like many other people, would like to make sure that children such as Emma-Lita, who died in August last year, do not suffer as a result of their living conditions” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF)
04-06-2015 more >>

MPIA Meeting June 2015

Our special guest for the June 2015 meeting is Harry Lawson, founder of the Auckland and Southland Property Investors Associations, and co-founder of the Hawkes Bay Property Investors Association. He has been a professional landlord for over 40 years and is the inspiration behind the 'Harry Lawson Cup' which the Manawatu Association recently won! Do not miss this meeting!!!
03-06-2015 more >>

Submissions called for on Fire Services review

Proposals to improve support for volunteer, paid and rural firefighters and to ensure fire services meet community expectations are open for public feedback.
02-06-2015 more >>

What should the Fire Service look like in the future and how should it be funded?

Participate in the current review of the Fire Service before July 10
01-06-2015 more >>

A further blow for landlords and their tenants

At ten to five on Friday afternoon, the start of a long weekend holiday, the Reserve Bank chose to announce proposals to increase the cost of borrowing for non-owner occupied residential properties.
31-05-2015 more >>

MBIE's confirmed organisational structure

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Chief Executive, David Smol has announced the final decision on MBIE’s organisational structure following consultation with its people
28-05-2015 more >>

NZ economy remains solid, growing at around 3% until 2017

Strong net migration, a booming Auckland and the Canterbury rebuild are boosting New Zealand’s economy
27-05-2015 more >>

Community housing: the Government needs to step on the accelerator

Community housing organisations say the government’s budget initiatives on housing are too timid – and won’t deliver the results needed.
24-05-2015 more >>

Social housing reform bill passed into law

Law changes to help grow an innovative social housing sector and house more vulnerable New Zealanders passed into law today
22-05-2015 more >>

Housing reform Bill completes first reading

A bill reforming social housing law has completed its first reading under Urgency
21-05-2015 more >>

A super deal for the purchase of Thermoptek Sensor smoke alarms

NZPIF has negotiated a super deal for the purchase of Thermoptek Sensor smoke alarms. These smoke alarms are the same as installed by the NZ Fire Service
19-05-2015 more >>

Political report for April/May 2015

The following is a summary of the political or regulatory news or comment affecting the residential property market
19-05-2015 more >>

Property Investment has been hit with a double punch

Over the last week LVR limits for Auckland rental property owners up to 30% (don't laugh too hard in the provinces, you may be next) were announced by the Reserve Bank and the Government brought in an effective Capital Gains Tax called a Bright Line Test.
19-05-2015 more >>

Capital gains tax aimed at speculators

"The NZ Property Investors Federation is comfortable with the Prime Minister's announcement of a capital gains tax on property sold within two years," says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors' Federation.
17-05-2015 more >>

LVR restrictions will benefit rest of the country

New Zealand’s largest real estate company, Harcourts believes that the new LVR restrictions will do little to solve housing issues in Auckland but that the changes should provide some benefit to the rest of the country
15-05-2015 more >>

NZPIF in the news in April and May

Articles and opinions about the current state of the housing market continue to fill the media. NZPIF has been able to increase its profile as a credible commentator on all these issues culminating in 14 interviews on May 13 responding to the Reserve Bank’s announcements
15-05-2015 more >>

Capital gains tax aimed at speculators

“The NZ Property Investors Federation is comfortable with the Prime Minister’s announcement of a capital gains tax on property sold within two years,” says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation.
15-05-2015 more >>

Reserve Bank consults on new asset class for residential rental property loans

Last month I wrote about the Reserve Bank releasing a consultation document on their proposal to separately classify residential rental property loans from owner occupied residential loans. The NZPIF have now examined the consultation document and made a submission on the Reserve Banks proposal.
15-05-2015 more >>

The 2015 Mixed Fortunes Report

The plight of some regions, and the challenge of doing something to improve their situation, is the key issue raised in the Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit’s latest report Mixed Fortunes.
13-05-2015 more >>

Property is a hot topic

Andrew King discusses the issues related to housing
07-05-2015 more >>

Next steps in social housing reform announced

Tauranga and Invercargill have been selected as the first regions for the proposed transfer of Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) houses to registered Community Housing Providers (CHPs), Ministers Bill English and Paula Bennett say.
07-05-2015 more >>

MPIA Meeting May 2015

Special VIP Guest Speaker Graeme Fowler is one of New Zealand's better known investors and educators. The author of the NZ bestseller "NZ Real Estate Investors' Secrets" will be here to share those very secrets with us. Please note the earlier start time of 7pm, and the $25 door charge for non-members. This is a meeting not to miss!
06-05-2015 more >>

Who will be the 2015 Landlord of the Year?

Sponsored by Ministry of Business Employment and Innovation (MBIE) once more, applications for 2015 Landlord of the Year are now open
05-05-2015 more >>

Education on property taxation required

“An educational campaign on property taxation should be funded with some of the extra money to target residential property speculators the IRD may receive in this year’s budget,” says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPI
04-05-2015 more >>

Rental housing for the older age group

Private landlords will be encouraged to consider those in the 65+ age group to be a significant tenant group as the New Zealand population continues to age over the next few decades and home ownership trends change.
03-05-2015 more >>

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