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Reserve Bank responds to submissions on LVR rules

The Reserve Bank today published a summary of submissions and final policy positions in regards to changes in the Loan to Value Ratio restriction rules (LVRs), and the asset classification of residential property investment loans in the Capital Adequacy Framework.
21-08-2015 more >>

Practical and elegant heating solutions from Infracomfort NZ Ltd

Infracomfort is a preferred supplier of home heating to members of Property Investors’ Associations.
19-08-2015 more >>

Preliminary findings of the 2015 NZPIF membershship survey

This survey was sent out in July to all members of property investors’ associations in New Zealand. 664 took part answering questions about the cost of providing rental property, heating and insulation and about landlords’ experiences with the Tenancy Tribunal.
18-08-2015 more >>

NZPIF in the news in July and August

Media was a little less focused on property investors during July and August. However, the effects of announced policy on groups such as bach owners was highlighted. Also the Child Poverty Action Group remained unsatisfied by the Government announcements regarding heating and insulation and continued to call for a WOF for rental properties.
16-08-2015 more >>

Building code information to be more accessible

The Government is investing in a single website for all Building Code information to make it easier to access and comply with building regulations, Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith announced today
14-08-2015 more >>

Skype Screen Sharing

Skype accounts are free and screen sharing is a great way to get support and training when you both can't be in the same place.
12-08-2015 more >>

MPIA Meeting August 2015

Ian McKelvie is the Rangitikei Member of Parliament, and owns a significant property portfolio including farm land and commercial property throughout the lower North Island. He has particular interests in sustainable agriculture and sustainable economic development for rural communities. As MP for Rangitikei he represents many people throughout our region and is also a successful investor in his own right. Don't miss our August speaker!
05-08-2015 more >>

Property investor or trader?

Latest Reserve Bank lending data showed that the proportion of lending to investors has risen from 29 percent to 33 per cent over the last year. Following this release, some headlines have read "Investors head first-home buyers", "Auckland is a ‘speculators’ paradise" and” Investors dominate first home buyers".
30-07-2015 more >>

Monetary policy supporting growth and inflatiion goal

The Reserve Bank today confirmed that at this stage some further monetary policy easing is likely to be required to maintain New Zealand’s economic growth around its potential, and return CPI inflation to its medium-term target level.
29-07-2015 more >>

Expecting house price rises and interest rate falls

The ASB Housing Confidence Survey, three months to July, was released today.
27-07-2015 more >>

Expecting house price rises and interest rate falls

The ASB Housing Confidence Survey, three months to July, was released today.
27-07-2015 more >>

Official cash rate reduced to 3.0 percent today

Statement by Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler:
23-07-2015 more >>

Stiffer penalties for landlords

The Government is seeking to introduce policies intended to encourage our industry to smarten up its act. The two key proposals are increasing the consequences of retaliatory action and giving Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment greater powers to prosecute landlords who provide substandard rental property. Another concerns changes to breaching a work order.
20-07-2015 more >>

Processing Registrations

When you do a match on a registration that includes membership PIMMS will now create the payment and set up the cards. You'll be advised and given the opportunity to review the cards.
20-07-2015 more >>

Good news on tenancy abandonment

In a surprise move, Government is seeking to amend the RTA to improve processes for resolving tenancy abandonment cases. These are cases where the rent is in arrears and the tenant has vacated the property without giving notice.
17-07-2015 more >>

New requirements for smoke alarms

As part of their rental property minimum standards, Government intends to make smoke alarms compulsory in rental properties. Here is further information on the proposed new laws.
17-07-2015 more >>

Allow Local Admins to be emailed via PIMMS

At the moment under Pick Recipients we can't select the recipient based on the type of user they are in PIMMS but it would be helpful to.
17-07-2015 more >>

The story of the century - dramatic changes in housing and population

The size of New Zealand’s households has halved – but it’s taken over a century to do it, according to new analysis from Statistics New Zealand.
16-07-2015 more >>

Warrant of fitness rejected

The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) is very pleased that Government has rejected the campaign to introduce a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for all rental properties.
16-07-2015 more >>

Minimum standards for rental properties

The Government has now introduced the expected Minimum Standards for Rental Properties legislative proposal.
15-07-2015 more >>

NZPIF in the news in June and July

The subjects of NZPIF media comments over this period have included the proposed capital gains tax for properties sold within two years, and requirements for insulation and smoke alarms in rented properties.
15-07-2015 more >>

PIMMS2 unveiled

Here is a chance to learn everything you wanted to know about the NZPIF membership and website management system and more besides. Three hands on training workshops have been organised
15-07-2015 more >>

Updating the Sponsors on your website

By default everyone displays the NZPIF sponsors on their websites. If you want to change that - it's simple.
12-07-2015 more >>

Investors see benefit in rental improvements

The NZ Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) believes that the announcements on tenancy conditions are reasonably balanced, ensuring better standards for tenants without causing a reduction in rental property supply or excessive rental price increases.
09-07-2015 more >>

Tenancy law changes to include insulation and smoke alarm requirements

The Residential Tenancies Act is to be strengthened with new requirements for insulation, smoke alarms, better enforcement and faster resolution of abandoned tenancies, Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith announced today
09-07-2015 more >>

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