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National says no to capital gains tax

A capital gains tax on property investment is definitely not on the Government's agenda, says Housing Minister Phil Heatley.
05-06-2009 more >>

Loopholes removed from NAP law

The amended No Asset Procedure (NAP) bill, which reforms the 2006 Insolvency Act, will make it easier for landlords to make better-informed decisions on tenants and who to let their rental properties to.
05-06-2009 more >>

Auckland housing demand picks up

Housing demand in Auckland continued to revive last month, with real estate firm Barfoot & Thompson (B&T) reporting its best month of trading in two years.
04-06-2009 more >>

Labour heads to Select Committee over RTA bill

They wrote it, they support it, but after the National Party introduced The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill to Parliament, the Labour Party says it still needs changes.
02-06-2009 more >>

June '09 Issue

Stories on apartments being hot buys have been endemic of late, but how reliable have reports been? Good enough to stake your portfolio on? We pull apart the apartment market to find out if they're a gold-mine for investors in the current market.
01-06-2009 more >>

Tough laws on tenancy drawn up

Landlords will face tougher sanctions - including $3000 in damages for failing to maintain rental properties properly - under a raft of changes to tenancy laws.
30-05-2009 more >>


RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES AMENDMENT BILL - Introduced On 21 May the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill commenced its first reading in Parliament.
29-05-2009 more >>

Budget delivers home insulation

The Government has delivered on its promise of dealing with the chill in tougher economic times. The Budget has promised a grant of up to $1800 to pay for insulation and heating for homeowners, and it’s not subject to income testing.
28-05-2009 more >>

New Zealand's property market is forecast to slump further

The Treasury's economic outlook for the year, released in today's budget, forecasts a shrinkage in residential investment of 25% for the year to March and a further 23% contraction the following 12 months.
28-05-2009 more >>

MPIA E-Newsletter May 09

June meeting details, future events, and recent news.
28-05-2009 more >>

Rental yields better bet than capital gains: ASB

Properties offering good rental yields will be a safer option than capital gains, according to the latest ASB housing confidence report.
26-05-2009 more >>

ANZ gauges find demand is making property a sellers’ market

ANZ National Bank’s eight gauges of the property market predict the housing market is “showing signs of life” with a surge in migration lifting demand, although the overall tone is negative as unemployment remains the big uncertainty.
26-05-2009 more >>

Record mortgagee sales as economic downturn bites

Mortgagee property sales have hit an all time high with 201 recorded for March, a company specialising in property and land information says
25-05-2009 more >>

Legal possession and abandoned goods

Cliff Seque, President of Otago PIA, gives a step by step guide regarding what to do when confronted with an empty flat and the tenant's possessions are still on the premises.
25-05-2009 more >>

Review of political issues of interest to property investors

Thomas Chin, the NZPIF lobbyist, reviewed the issues of interest to members at the Communications Meeting held recently in Wellington
24-05-2009 more >>

President's May/June Report

RTA Amendments tabled again. QV Insider updates. Communication Meeting. Another special for NZPIF Conference.
24-05-2009 more >>

Rent arrears - Application and Beyond

Cliff Seque, President of the Otago PIA, provides a step by step guide to the process of recovering rent arrears.
24-05-2009 more >>

Indicator shows worst maybe over for housing market

The worst may be over for the housing market, according to the Mike Pero Mortgages-Infometrics Property Cycle Indicator (PCI).
22-05-2009 more >>

Immigration pick up a plus for housing market

A rapid pick up in immigration numbers is being seen by many economists as a factor which will provide support to New Zealand’s housing market.
22-05-2009 more >>

Indicator shows worst maybe over for housing market

The worst may be over for the housing market, according to the Mike Pero Mortgages-Infometrics Property Cycle Indicator (PCI).
22-05-2009 more >>

Improve success from mediation

The Department of Building and Housing provides a mediation service to landlords and tenants. This can be a good way to resolve disagreements. It's important to be well prepared
15-05-2009 more >>

New bill champions personal responsibility

Housing Minister Phil Heatley says the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill, which has been introduced into Parliament, promotes personal responsibility and choice.
15-05-2009 more >>

Water rates fire stoked again

The National government is not ruling out the privatisation of Auckland's water services, the outcome of which will have a huge impact on landlords.
15-05-2009 more >>

Residential housing may have hit bottom, as sales improve

Residential housing may have reached the bottom of the market as turnover improved and the speed of sales picked up, according to a survey.
13-05-2009 more >>

Confidence returning to residental housing market: Survey

Residential real estate is selling quickly, although there’s a shortage of listings, according to the latest BNZ Confidence Survey.
12-05-2009 more >>

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